I find it so unbelievable how two nights ago I was crying in my kitchen to my Mum over the tragic murder of Christina Grimmie. I couldn’t get past the fact that in Australia we banned guns after what was the worse shooting in history and that I could go to university, sit in a theatre or use public transport without the threat or thought that I could become a number in a death count due to gun violence. I am so grateful for that.

Now, the world has seen this horrific tragedy in Orlando. How many more innocent humans have to die because in the USA access to guns is almost as easy as it is to buy alcohol and cigarettes?

It’s 2016. Gun violence, racism, sexism, homophobia, child slavery and poverty should be things of the past. Especially, within first world countries.

As these things unfortunately are not, I ask you to give love. Support. Encouragement. Speak out against gun violence. Love those humans that people who believe in books written thousands of years ago refuse to.

Equality for everyone; regardless of gender, sexual orientation, colour, class, dress sense. We are all human. We all have flesh. We all have blood running through our veins. We are all equal.

As I type this through blurry eyes I am overwhelmed at how lucky I am. If I can do one good thing on this earth it is that I will be inclusive and have an open heart. I ask you all to do the same.

Rest in Peace to all those victims lost in Orlando. And to all those people who have been taken by cowards that hide behind machines that are far stronger than they every could be. I send love to the families and friends.

We all need one another.

Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love.


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