~ GOODBYE 2016 ~

Where to even start? 2016, you have definitely been a year of highs and a year of lows.


It’s that weird feeling you experience as you grow older where time simultaneously speeds up whilst slowing down. So much can change in a day. Let alone an entire year. I wanted to write down some of the incredible moments from this year to immortalise them so I can look back on 2016 in years to come and appreciate what a life-changing year this has been for me.

Probably the biggest thing I did in 2016 was starting. Theatre Buzz AU. I honestly cannot explain all the great things that publication has given me that I wasn’t necessarily expecting. It has helped me grow as a journalist, professional and creative. I have been lucky enough to interview incredible people, that I never thought I’d ever be able to, who do incredible work within the Australian industry and hopefully share their talent with the ever growing TBAU audience. Thank you to everyone who has supported me with this endeavour.

I was able to join the Dance Tech family as a vocal teacher and take my teaching career a step further. What my students have given me is so precious and I honestly can say I have never felt luckier being able to teach young people and share an incredible bond through the passion for music and performance. How am I so lucky that I get to call that my job?!

I’m halfway through my university degree and I have never felt luckier with the tutors and lecturers I have been able to connect with. I also feel so grateful for the friends I have made at UQ who continue to inspire me and make me laugh even in 9am Wednesday morning lectures.

To the friends I have made this year, become closer with or to the friendships that have healed, I am SO grateful. I am so lucky to call so many people my close mates. The tribes that I am lucky to be apart of lift me up and show me what it is to really support one another. Also, thank you all for laughing at my bad jokes and for putting up with my inexcusably inappropriate clumsiness and behaviour.

This is also the first year of my life that I have felt like I have got a real handle on my anxiety. Of course, I still have moments but through the power of the universe, positivity, friends and meditation I now don’t wake up terrified to leave the house. The power of the mind is crazy and this journey of wellness within the mind, body and spirit has been so incredibly fulfilling and I cannot wait to continue all of this learning in 2017.

This year I also made the commitment to the environment to become a vegetarian! I have never felt more happy in my soul and body knowing that I am contributing less to the suffering of innocent and beautiful animals. I have also had to learn how to cook which has become a new passion of mine. Looking forward to hosting many veggie friendly dinner parties in the New Year.

The beetroot hair era has come to a close. My hair has always been such a defining part of who I am. Having red in my hair made me feel powerful but in the recent months it’s felt like a mask. So, the other day I waved goodbye to two years of post-dye showers that looked like blood baths and have welcomed back brunette hair with open arms. I feel like me.

And most importantly in 2016 I have started to love myself. It’s been so fucking tough. But I try. Every. Single. Day. I urge you all to love yourselves too. Because in the words of my queen RuPaul, “If you can’t love yourself…how in the hell you gon’ love somebody else!?”




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