so i have a bug.

not a lady beetle or a moth (is a moth a bug?) or something fun.

but a bug in my stomach.

it’s pretty grim.

it’s also pretty gross.

my sunday has included adventures from the couch to the bed to the bathroom to the kitchen to the couch again.

i’ve also drunk so much pepsi/water/berocca and yeah, it makes me feel better for a second. i thought that spiking my sugar levels would work.

…it hasn’t.

i guess it’s kinda tough. today it’s officially been a whole week of the new year and here i am wasting a day. a day that i wanted to spend working on crossing off monotonous scribbles in a black notebook that cost more than my weekly food shop allowance.

i guess it’s humbling how the universe works.

the word i chose for this year was ‘gentle.’

this week i had thought i was being gentle but clearly i wasn’t being gentle enough.

so i’ll take this reminder from the universe with a grain of salt (or not…because i can’t stomach anything) and really be gentle with myself.

p.s. my dog peed on my bed in the early hours of this morning.

p.p.s. obviously the universe really wants to make sure i’m being humble.

p.p.p.s. deep breaths. be gentle. try not to cry when throwing up.


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